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Snow removal is available from 15 Mile to 696 - Woodward to Stephenson for residential lawn customers only – NO EXCEPTIONS. Spots will fill quickly and we do not have the capacity to service anyone not on the lawn route or outside of the snow service area listed above.

Check here for live updates on if a snowfall meets our removal metrics,  the time we plan to start snow removal on a particular storm, or prices and dates of this season's snow removals.

12/02- We have 8 trucks working the snow fall today. If you are on our list we will be there.

12/23- We are out preforming snow removals for our premium customers.

12/24- We started snow removals today at 3:15 and will have them all completed tonight.

02/03- We started work this morning at 7am and usually complete the entire snow route within 8 hours.

02/03-We are out now executing snow removals and salting to remove today's snowfall at our premium customers properties. We will be going back out in the morning to remove today's snowfall from all customers on our standard snow removal list.

02/13- We are starting snow removal at 6:30PM today for all customers.

​02/18-We plan to start snow removals at 6:00AM and expect to have them all completed by 2PM.

02/25- (9:00AM)Today we got about an inch of snow and are doing snow removal/salt for all premium snow removal customers. Today's snowfall did not meet the metric for standard snow removal.

If you need to contact us during a storm - text: 248-703-0578

The primary way we determine snow totals is by taking a measurement from the sidewalks at no less then three locations around our service area.. We also reference the National Weather Services snow totals to see official measurements but we rely primarily on our own measurements.

Premium Snow Removal
We offer premium snow removal service for customers who need the utmost level of support and safety.  Our premium service includes priority scheduling, salt and snow removals as small as 1 inch or more. To enroll in premium snow removal services you must reserve your spot with a $800 non-refundable prepayment which will cover the cost of the entire winter's snow removal.  This must be paid by Check, Venmo, Zelle, or Googlepay. We stop accepting premium snow removal customers after 01/01.

Standard Snow Removal
Snow removal includes removal of snow from one paved driveway,sidewalks and two entrances to your home. The primary factor that influences when we will arrive to remove snow is the amount of snow that falls. Other factors include the time of day the snow falls, wind, forecasted temperatures, road conditions, and the timing of the next expected snowfall.  We do our best to accommodate your needs and ask that because of the unpredictable/time sensitive nature of snow, please be understanding of the above variables. Rest assured that if you have signed up with our service, we will show up. Our snow removal service starts shortly after the snowfall event has stopped. If we arrive at your property and remove your snow, and later the city plows snow into the approach of your driveway, it is beyond our control.  If this happens and you request we come back to your property to remove snow a second time for the same snowfall there would be an additional charge if we can accommodate.

​PRICING- The vast majority of the lots in our service area are <2400sqft.
Standard lot <2400sqft of paved space: Large
lot 2400sqft-3500sqft of paved space:
$40 per removal of 2-5inches $50 per removal of 2-5inches
$50 - 5-8inches $60 - 5-8inches
$60 - 8.1 inches or more
$70 - 8+ inches
We do not remove snow falls < 2 inches We do not remove snow falls < 2 inches

To enroll in snow removal services you must reserve your spot with a $400 non-refundable deposit which will be credited to this year’s snow removal account only. The minimum you will spend on snow removal this year is the cost of your deposit. If costs exceed the deposit you would be invoiced for cost over the deposit at the end of the winter. If snow removal costs this year do not exceed your deposit, any remaining snow credit will be forfeited. Snow deposits must be paid by check, Venmo, Zelle, or Googlepay by 12/01 or we will not accept your snow account. If you have NOT paid a deposit, you are NOT signed up for snow removal.   We must collect a deposit because we are on-call throughout the winter which leaves us unable to keep other employment and our crews must be able to make a living.

Residential Snow Removal

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