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Fall Leaf Removal
We use a combination of commercial blowers,truck mounted leaf vacuums, lawn mower mounted leaf plows, tarps and rakes to complete your leaf removal by whichever method is most efficient for your particular property.
Brush Cut / Removal
Unwanted growth can overtake a yard quickly and we can reclaim your yard with our brush and small tree removal service. We can also haul away piles of brush piles you have accumulated.

Add our Core Aeration service which perforates the soil to allow grass roots to grow deeply and produce a stronger, more vigorous lawn that absorbs water and nutrients more easily. We have the best equipment on the market which uses hydraulics to drive tines under a massive 1,200 pounds of down pressure to pull the deepest/best plugs of soil. 

Cut King Lawn Care is a highly reviewed, professional landscaping and landscape maintenance service. We offer aeration, spring clean up, fall leaf removal, gutter cleaning, brush cut/removal (& small tree work), hedge trimming (shrub trimming), planting and weeding service. We have the proper equipment and technical ability, to exceed your expectations. If you are on our lawn service route we will go the extra mile to accommodate any landscaping needs you have. We are solely focused on creating long term business relationships built on goodwill through time. We are committed to accommodating the needs of our lawn service customers so we only offer “Landscaping” to customers who hire our lawn mowing service.

Landscaping in addition to Lawn Care:​​

Spring Clean-Up
Add our spring clean up service when you sign up for our lawn service to ensure winters debris is removed in time to allow the grass to grow unabated by leaves and sticks.
Hedge Trimming (Shrub Trimming)
​Have our hedge trimming professionals affordably trim your hedges. Hedge trimming is a skill that takes minutes to learn but a lifetime to master. Few things can be done to improve your properties curb appeal faster. 
Gutter Cleaning

Add our gutter cleaning service to our lawn service to ensure both gutters and downspouts are clear.  We also blow debris off your roof to prevent future damage. If you neglect your gutters, the damage to your home can be extensive. Starting at $109

Landscaping near Royal Oak, Troy, & Birmingham

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