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Most homes are:

  • $25 per removal of 2-5inches
  • $35 - 5-8inches
  • $40 - 8.1 inches or more
How it Works + Pricing
There are many factors that influence when we will arrive to remove your snow. The primary factor is the amount of snow that falls. Others include what time of day the snow falls, wind, the next days’ temperature, road conditions, and when the next snow fall is expected. We do our very best to accommodate your needs but we ask that because of the unpredictable and time sensitive nature of snow fall please be understanding of the above variables. Rest assured that if you have signed up with our service, we will show up.

Make Winter Less Hectic.

​​We provide snow removal service for our lawn customers only. We snow blow residential homes only which offers unique benefits which most companies cannot offer. Snow blowers allow us to work around cars in a driveway in a way that plows cannot.  They also offer more flexibility in where we can pile the snow so it is out of the way of the homeowner. Details and rates are below. ​

Snow Removal

Snow Removal services will be provided November 27th though March 9th. Your Service will include snow removal from the driveway, walks, and entrance to the home and garage. ​We do not salt but encourage you to lay some salt after our visit.

To enroll in snow removal services you must reserve your spot with a $200 non-refundable deposit by Dec. 9th which will be credited to your snow removal account. This must be done because we are on-call throughout the winter which leaves us unable to keep other employment and our crews must be able to make a living. Any charges after the initial $200 will be billed to your home once the season ends.