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Fall Leaf Removal

​​Fall Leaf removal is only available if we cut your lawn this past summer. Each city has differing curb leaf pick up schedules and some require bagging of leaves.  We will be there a few days prior to your cities scheduled pickup.  We generally come twice in the fall. Leaf pickup is billed by man/hour using commercial equipment which speeds the process. Please make sure you have paid your final Lawn invoice before requesting leaf removal service.

Branch Removal 

Whether it’s after a big storm and a large branch has fallen or you have piled brush that has fallen over the years Cut King can load and haul it away to solve your problem.

We Do More:

​A well-maintained landscape attracts people and adds to your property value. We offer a range of maintenance services performed by a staff with the technical ability to exceed your expectations. Below is a list of our services.

If you are interested in having something done that is not listed, just ask…We are an approachable group who want to help in any way we can.   ​
Spring Clean-Up

​After a long winter your yard is likely littered with leaves and sticks. If they remain where they are the grass under them will not grow. Have us prepare the lawn in the spring for a stress free summer. 

Hedge Trimming

​It is important to have your shrubs and hedges trimmed properly. We offer affordable hedge/shrub trimming services to keep your landscaped areas perfectly manicured. ​Call us for a one-time job or have us back regularly.

Gutter Cleaning

Cut-King Lawn Care offers interior gutter cleaning for your home. We can clean out the insides of your gutters and remove all the debris (leaves, sticks, helicopters, etc.) that clog your gutter system. We ensure that all the gutters are empty and also ensure that all downspouts are clear allowing proper water flow during rainfalls. Having clear gutters will prevent water damage when water is overflowing the gutters and entering your home causing extensive damage.

Other Services