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We're here to help. When you're not able to clear out your garbage, lean on us to come take care of it. Whether you're on vacation, not able to get home in time or have a loved one unable to, we can make sure that your trash is taken care of.

We Do More:

​A well-maintained landscape attracts people and adds to your property value. We offer a range of maintenance services performed by a staff with the technical ability to exceed your expectations. Below is a list of our services.

If you are interested in having something done that is not listed, just ask…We are an approachable group who want to help in any way we can.   ​
Spring/Fall Clean-Up
Spring/Fall cleanup services from Cut King Lawn Care keeps your property beautiful all spring and you will get peace of mind knowing that you are getting regular spring cleanup from a service you can trust.

​We offer spring cleanup services on a regular basis, or as a one-time service. 

Hedge Trimming
It is important to have your shrubs and hedges trimmed properly. We offer hedge and shrub trimming services to keep your landscape areas perfectly manicured. 

​Many customers will choose to have their shrubs trimmed and hedged once per month or once every couple of months.

Gutter Cleaning

Cut-King Lawn Care offers interior gutter cleaning for your home. We can clean out the insides of your gutters and remove all the debris (leaves, sticks, helicopters, etc.) that clog your gutter system. We ensure that all the gutters are empty and also ensure that all downspouts are clear allowing proper water flow during rainfalls. Having clear gutters will prevent water damage when water is overflowing the gutters and entering your home causing extensive damage.

Other Services